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At CMG we are brought together by passion but driven by data and technology.

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The Company.

Crash was started in 1999 as an image sharing platform for F1 photographers and we’ve come a long way since then.

We’ve turned Crash into one of the largest Motorsport websites in the world. Built software for some of the worlds biggest brands and turned underperforming websites into world beaters.

We are not just content creators but we are developers, designers and much more and we can help you.

Our Brands.

430K is the UK's premiere Motorsports news site, covering all of the latest news and live events from both the F1 & MotoGP championships as well as a whole host of other motor racing.


Golfmagic is the golfing news publication with boasts the UK's largest golfing audience. Golfmagic stands out from the crowd and appeals to the next generation golfer.

220K is the UK leading motorcycle news and review site. We have all the latest rides, road tests and product reviews as well as our own marketplace for buying and selling second hand bikes.

Work With Us.

Through digital advertising, bespoke software solution or something else, just drop us a line to find out how we can work together.
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Social Media Manager

Car Throttle
CarThrottle is seeking a creative and skilled Social Media Manager with a strong focus on short form video creation and editing to join our team.

Junior Production Assistant

Car Throttle
Following Crash Media Group's acquisition of Car Throttle, we are seeking a skilled and enthusiastic individual to support all aspects of film production for Car Throttle.